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We are a specialist company with extensive experience in restoration of cultural art and ornamental metalwork

Preservation of Cultural Art

Aura Monumental works within the ethos and practice of the conservation profession, they have has maintained, conserved and restored a wide range of structures from traditional marble statuary and contemporary bronze public sculptures to ornamental iron gates and railings.

Aura Monumental contributes greatly to Aura’s already extensive range of services, sharing a broad knowledge of specialist restoration techniques in the world of conserving ornamental metalwork, sculptures and memorials.

Aura Monumental is headed by Ben Murphy, a talented artisan who has been working in the field of cultural art and ornamental metalwork restoration for over 15 years. Ben’s passion for his work developed at an early age through learning from his Father who is responsible for landmark objects such as the Bill Shankly statue at Anfield, Liverpool. Ben was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, this QEST is a highly regarded stamp of excellence which demonstrates Aura Monumental’s commitment and ability to preserve historic and contemporary art/objects within our communities.

From planning and implementation of preventative maintenance to highly involved corrective restoration, Aura Monumental’s main passion and aim is to conserve these historical markers for the future generations.

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