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Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic

The Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic is a granite monument located on St. Nicholas Place, at the Pier Head, in Liverpool, England. The RMS Titanic was owned by White Star Line, which was founded in Liverpool in 1840. The Grade II* Listed memorial on Liverpool’s waterfront is dedicated to the 244 engineers who lost their lives in the disaster as they remained in the ship supplying the stricken liner with electricity and other amenities for as long as possible. The monument is notable as the first monument in the United Kingdom to depict the working man.

The monument dedicated to the hundreds of men who died during the sinking was designed by Sir William Goscombe John and constructed circa 1916. It stands 14.6 m tall and although it is most strongly associated with the RMS Titanic, its dedication was broadened to include all maritime engine room fatalities incurred during the performance of duty in World War I. Shrapnel damage from bombs that fell during the Second World War can be clearly seen on the monument.

Aura Monumental were appointed to clean, repoint and gild parts of the granite Titanic Memorial to mark the centenary of the ship’s one and only voyage.

The memorial was cleaned using the gentle ThermaTech superheated water cleaning system and it was then restored by raking out defective mortar joints and repointed using a natural hydraulic lime based mortar in a ratio and composition agreed with the local Conservation Officer. The details of the flames on the faces and the gold flames at the top of the memorial received numerous priming coats in preparation for sizing to receive 23.5 karat extra thick gold leaf to highlight the original detailing leaving beautiful final results that can last for twenty years.

  • Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic