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Prevention begins with maintenance. Objects such as monuments and memorials suffer from the effects of environmental pollution and all too often vandalism and graffiti. Protective coatings provide protection from the corrosive effects of the atmosphere and Aura Monumental advise on all types and methods available.

Before a new bronze sculpture is installed, the last process carried out within the foundry is to use a microcrystalline wax to improve the lustre of the patina and protect the sculpture from possible atmospheric corrosion which can produce disfiguring Verdigris corrosive compounds. This coating is expected to last for 12 months, annual maintenance is therefore essential.

Many important statues, monuments, memorials and plaques have suffered from misguided or inappropriate cleaning by unqualified or untrained operatives by use of abrasive blasting or high-pressure cleaning which cause irreversible damage. Aura Monumental can provide the correct advice and provide the best course of action, to carry out sympathetic cleaning as part of annual maintenance.

With the appropriate maintenance, significant phases of work should not be required. The clarity and richness of delicately painted surfaces can be monitored and maintained by the renewal of protective coatings and surface treatments.

For those structures that are in very poor condition, Aura Monumental can ascertain whether there is evidence of active corrosion, evaluate structural stability and monitor the condition of any protective coatings. Advice as to the appropriate procedure and maintenance programme will then be given.