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Replications and Casting

Replication of missing pieces through casting is often required when carrying out extensive restoration, especially where parts are missing. These missing parts can be replaced and parts can be replicated directly using a copy of the original using a mould. When shrinking is apparent or there are no parts to copy, a pattern is made based on available evidence such as old photographs and records. The pattern can then be used to produce a near identical copy in the chosen material.

Temporary and semi-permanent objects or sculptures can be made from moulds in materials such as fibreglass, resin, plaster and other materials for display. Traditional materials such as bronze, brass, lead and cast iron using the traditional sand casting method can also be used.

Documentation of reports and all actions are a very important part of conservation. Aura Monumental provide full photographic documentation, detailed written reports with proposals and costings along with future maintenance requirements. Information that may be of use for future proposals or is of historical interest is always kept on file.

Aura Monumental offers a consultancy service to assist organisations and local authorities at the planning and proposal stage with regards to the conservation concerns of any given project.

Working closely with a number of complimentary related specialist companies such as local and national foundries is key to whole process.