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Statues, monuments, memorials and public art

Statues, monuments, memorials and public art are interesting and often historical important parts of our urban landscape and are focal points in our cities parks, gardens and squares. Sadly, many have suffered from neglect.

The attitude of at least intervention first always applies and the plan of action and possible programme is discussed in careful detail with the client. The proper course of action to take is sometimes a simple decision process whereas in some cases, careful observation, consideration and monitoring is required.

Contemporary works despite sometimes incorporating stainless steel or new alloys of bronze still require regular maintenance if they are to remain in good condition when placed outdoors. It is prudent to consider the maintenance needs at the onset of a project so that adequate provision can be made for new monuments and sculptures.

Aura Monumental provides a complete service for the maintenance, conservation and restoration of these important aspects of our urban landscape.