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CAD Computer-aided design, surveys and consultancy

Computer-aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to aid the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. Many of our clients and architects are finding that the initial consultation and design discussions with a specialist such as Aura is a very beneficial process, enabling projects to commence with a clearly defined and realistic scope with true associated costs.

Aura can complete tactile surveys of a building’s façade using aerial platforms for areas out of normal view or reach. The close inspection enables Aura to produce full photographic surveys and annotated drawings. Having established the condition of the façade, Aura can advise of various restoration techniques and appropriate replacement materials.

On projects with faience and terracotta replacements, procurement can be protracted and aerial platforms can often be used to carry out dimensional surveys for production drawings.

Aura are carrying out this type of initial pre-contract consultancy on an increasing basis, offering Clients and Architects a much more accurate scope and cost. Meetings are held to discuss all pre-contract information including scope, specification and drawings to ensure all parties have a better understanding of precisely what is required and what is essential providing a cost efficient project.

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Computer Aided Design