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Faience and Terracotta

Aura have extensive experience of this specialist area of building restoration. Like most building materials, when maintenance programmes are not fulfilled along with general aging of the building, terracotta and faience will deteriorate over time.

Glaze crazing or spalling, cracking and rust staining from failed anchoring and support systems are all common points of deterioration. Mainly this deterioration is a result of water ingress.

From point of survey, through the production process to the final delivery of the overall restoration process, Aura has experienced skilled surveyors and craftsmen completing all aspects to the highest standard.

Aura work closely with specialist suppliers through the entire process including the initial site survey, CAD Design, clay preparation, colour development, model and moulding, clay casting, hand finishing and drying, glazing, kiln firing, quality control, delivery and finally installation. Due to the complex nature of the production the period between survey to delivery can be up to 26 weeks.