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Stone Restoration and Consolidation

Aura carry out sympathetic restoration of defects within stone by a variety of techniques.

Small losses can be restored in specialist lime mortars and colour matched to the original masonry as far as possible. The original line, profile and detail can be matched by our trained, skilled and experienced craftsmen. Various lime restoration mixes have been successfully used and are always recorded for future possible usage.

When larger defects are encountered or it is impractical to use a sacrificial repair mortar, defective areas of stone can initially be cut back to a sound surface and a pocket created to accept an indent of natural stone; profiled and detailed to match the original. In many cases our skilled and experienced craftsmen are able to create the profile of the new stone indent on site.

Loose and friable areas of stone are carefully redressed back to a sound solid surface preventing the formation of a water table which increases the chances of water ingress.

Fractures in stone can be stitch repaired by carefully drilling the stone diagonally across the fracture and inserting stainless steel bars which are set in epoxy based resins. The surface of the stone where holes have been drilled are then restored using the repair mortar.

When defective elaborate carving and stone of particular importance is encountered, Aura are more than happy to advise on the most appropriate consolidation systems available.